With nearly 20 years of first-hand experience in beat-making, production, recording, mixing, writing, and performing (as an emcee and producer), I launched A Lucid Production Company in 2019. 

Having experience in co-owning and operating an independent record label and two recording studios, I understand what it takes--the amount of time and energy--to create your vision; you have to make it happen. 

On the back-end of the business process, I've been involved with creating graphics, launching marketing campaigns, booking events, CD Duplication, artist development, and more.  Expect professionalism and effectiveness upon delivery.


Affordable Hip Hop beat creation and quality production, backed by the know-how and focus of a seasoned artist and audio technician, is the value added for the independent artist and record label alike.

Knowing that all relationships rest upon communication, A Lucid Production Company makes a conscious effort to address others respectfully, in a direct way, to assist in the creative process.  The goal is to encourage and facilitate artistic expression for artists and labels.


From a do-it-yourself attitude to becoming a professional, it's all about following  your passion and being true to yourself.